Morgan Stanley Interview Experience | Set 32 (On-Campus)

Aptitude Test(90 mins, on Hackerrank)
7 aptitude questions based on Math and Logic<
7 Technical Subject Questions on Data Structures, 1 from OS(Few of them that I

    1. Hashing (Linear Probing)
    2. Counting Page Faults
    3. BST preorder and postorder
    4. Graph minimum distance
    5. Recursion(Given a recursive function f(int a),find f(8))
    6. Find Inorder successor in BST

2 Coding questions
1.String Manipulation
Given two Strings A and B of same length. You can replace any substring of A(i,j) with
substring of B(i,j).(Here note that substring from A and substring from B should have that same
start index and end index).find count of unique strings can be possible.answer might be
large.print answer%1000000007.

Note : Substring can be empty.
Test Case
-> answer :1

Explanation : No matter what substring you replace,only one unique string is formed

i.e aaa.
-> answer :8

8 different strings are possible…{abc , xyz , ayz , xbc , ayc , xbz , abz ,

2. Matrix Problem
Given a square matrix A[][] of size N*N.Each element A[i][j] of matrix is red color or blue color.
Red ->1
Blue ->0
You are also given a number k.Find the side of largest square submatix having atmost k
red cells.

Size of matrix,N<=500

Test Case:
3 2 (N k)
1 1 1
1 0 1
1 1 0
Answer : 2

Explanation : Submatrix having top left corner (1,1) and bottom right corner (2,2) is the largest square submatrix having atmost 2( i.e k) red cells.

Onsite Interview
Round 1(Tech) :

    1. Java

1.Difference between abstract and interface?
2.“Animal” should be abstract class or interface?
3.Why java developers thought to introduce interface?
4.Few deep thinking questions on same abstract vs interface topic.
5.Polymorphic Reference in Java.

    1. Data Structures

1.Write recursive code for checking string palindrome or not.
2.Using stack and queue together,check if string is palindrome or not.
3.Given an array and a sum,find if there is any pair in array having sum equal to given
sum.(I used hashmap,so few questions about hashmap complexity)
4.Given an array and a sum,find if there is any triplet in array having sum equal to given

    1. OS

1.You want to run an animation and movie in your TV at the same time,how will you
schedule it?(Asked about using different scheduling algos)

    1. DBMS

2.Find tuple having third most highest salary in table.

Round 2(Group Activity)

10 candidates were selected from round 1,in this round we were given lego blocks.They told us
to work in a team and using that lego blocks build something(we made a solar panel house) in
30 mins.After that,there was a 5 min presentation about the product that we just built.We have
to impress investors to invest in our product.
Also write features of your product.Design Logo and name of your company.
Round 3(Tech – System Design)
Design a ticket booking portal for airplanes.You have apis of various airlines like JET
Airways,Indigo to get all the plane details.A user will come to your portal to book tickets.Using
apis,confirm availability of tickets from various airlines and book the tickets selected by users.
Design database structure,class diagrams,flow of system.

Round 4(HR)

1.About internship
2.Experience of working in groups
3.Coding experience
4.Who is your idol and why?
5.Why Morgan Stanley?

There was a re-interview of round 3
Design UBER.(database structure,OOP Model)
Some basics of compile time polymorphism.

Tips to follow :
Three years before

    1. Focus on academics.Score excellent grades in academics because only students above 8.5(last year 9)CGPA are allowed to give first round(aptitude round).
    2. Select a programming language like C,C++,Java,Python and start learning syntax and semantics of selected language.(Java would be a better option compared to others)

Two years before

    1. Start learning Data Structures,Java,DBMS,OS etc from standard reference books or online resources
    2. Solve algorithms from websites like geeksforgeeks , ideserve , careercup etc.
    3. Start coding in hackerrank and actively participate in all contests.Focus on improving performance in every contest.
    4. Look for internships

One year before

    1. Work on some big long-duration projects(So that you can show-off in your resume)
    2. Focus on building a well-balanced resume which should throw light on overall development of your personality.(Participate in GD,Debate,Sports activities,Coding competitions,Hackathon etc).
    3. Start coding in codechef,codeforces.

Few minutes before
Think of all the days and nights that you spent preparing for this interview!

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