Program to find the initials of a name.

Given a string name. we have to find the initial of the name


Input  : tech code bit
Output : T C B
We take the first letter of all
words and print in capital letter.

Input  : Tech Code 
Output : T C

Input  : tech code bit
Output : T B C

1) Print first character in capital.
2) Traverse rest of the string and print every character after space in capital letter.

// C++ program to print initials of a name
using namespace std;
void printInitials(const string &name)
    if (name.length() == 0)
    // Since touuper() returns int, we do typecasting
    cout << (char) toupper(name[0]);
    // Traverse rest of the string and print the
    // characters after spaces.
    for (int i=1; i<name.length()-1; i++)
        if (name[i]==' ')
            cout << " " << (char)toupper(name[i+1]);
// Driver code
int main()
    string name = "tech code bit";
    return 0;



We can also use strtok() function in C/C++ to achieve this.

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